Ah, the annual, oh-so-subtle cross-platform plug between a Paramount movie (Four Brothers) and CBS. I actually found the choice interesting, because the movie has an underlying message about what makes a family, and in a weird way the houseguests are sort of a wacky, dysfunctional, makeshift family at least for a few months, and if they don't kill each other before the finale. Things are getting very vicious in this house. It is definitely one team competing against the other to be the most hateful. That was apparent during the television-set  POV challenge when Maggie started aiming for Janelle's TV so that the blonde wouldn't win. I guess that's payback for Kaysar and Co. locking Maggie out in the chess game last week. But Maggie's plan pretty much mimicked K's, with a little bit of vengeance tossed in for good measure. If K gets ousted, and it is just back-and-forth between control and identical plotting, this could make for a very redundant battle for the final two. The only original comment I could get behind this week was Kaysar's wish for a remote control during the POV game I was wishing for my remote, too, but for a different reason.