Agent Carter wraps up its first season on Tuesday in an action-packed finale that gives each of our heroes a moment to shine. Now that Ivchenko Dr. Fenhoff and Dottie (Bridget Regan) are in possession of one of Howard Stark's (Dominic Cooper) most dangerous weapons, the inventor is forced to reunite with Peggy (Hayley Atwell) and Jarvis (James D'Arcy) to help take Leviathan down and save New York City. But in order to do so, Howard must trade in the SSR target on his back for an even bigger one from Leviathan. But just how far will he go to get his invention back? spoke to executive producers Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters about what to expect from the Agent Carter finale - including Howard's return and an epic showdown between Peggy and Dottie!

What can you reveal about Howard Stark's return?
He plays a very big role in the finale. It's a little bit of a new side to Howard that maybe we haven't seen within the show, because he has a lot of guilt about his involvement in the problem that everyone is faced with. So it's a little more vulnerable than you've seen Howard Stark. But at the same time, he's still the cad. He's still self-serving. He still will screw over his friends if it suits him. But he's got a couple really nice emotional scenes that I love seeing Dominic Cooper do. I think he was lovely in it.

How is the SSR going to react to Howard returning?
Initially, there will be a lot of guns. But I think when they hear what Howard has to say and hear what Howard wants to do, they sort of get on board with it. Because he comes with information that a) they know is real and b) Howard puts a target on himself, which the SSR is perfectly happy to do. They don't care if he gets hurt or anything. They have no choice but to trust him and use him as much as they can.

What are we going to learn about Dr. Fenhoff and his motivations?
We definitely find out why he's gone to such great lengths to steal one of Howard's inventions and why he actually has a grudge against Howard.

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What can you reveal about Peggy and Dottie's big face-off?
It felt very fitting to have the very big fight sequence in the last episode be between Peggy and Dottie.
Fazekas: What I like about the fight is that out of all the people she's fought over the past eight episodes, and there's been quite a few, Dottie's probably her most formidable opponent. So I think that's really fun. But there's going to be a loose end at the end of the fight.

Was it important to you in creating the show to give Peggy another woman who is her equal to fight against?
You know what it is? When you have such a strong female heroine, you kind of want to have an equally fun female bad guy too. Obviously, Dr. Fenhoff is the one who set all of this in motion and he has a lot more personal stakes in having his plans go through.
Fazekas: When she started living in an all-womens' hotel, we thought it would be fun to have one of the women there be a bad guy. So that sort of played into it as well. Someone you think is her friend but is a bad guy.

Sousa's (Enver Gjokaj) become much more assertive as the season progressed. What role will he play in the finale?
The nice thing is that all the characters have their moments. And he has a really heroic moment in the finale
Butters: There are actually two moments in the finale. He gets the big hero moment on the case and then he gets the big moment with Peggy on a personal level where he takes a risk with her. So this is probably the most growth we've seen in that guy.

How much closure will the finale give? Or will it leave a lot of loose ends open for a possible Season 2?
I would say the immediately problem is handled. There's still a larger issue out there and there are certainly two very obvious loose ends. So there's a little bit of both. I think there's some closure for Peggy personally. There's some closure in the immediate threat that they're facing. But we've left room for other things to happen. Which is not to say that in future seasons we would have to go into that particular story. The thing about this show is the way that it's been conceived is there's so many avenues you could go down that aren't married to anything. But there's certainly little threads out there that have still not been tied up.

Agent Carter airs Tuesday at 9/8c on ABC.

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