Tony Parker and Eva Longoria Parker by Johnny Nunez/ Tony Parker and Eva Longoria Parker by Johnny Nunez/

X17 Online, which in December gave an unvetted source a forum to cast aspersion on Tony Parker's fidelity to new bride Eva Longoria, now has issued a mea culpa - though you would be hard-pressed to unearth it on their site. Buried far from the home page, posted without anything resembling a headline and riddled with bad grammar and "various" typos, X17's perhaps lawsuit-induced statement reads: "[We] published over 10 articles concerning Tony Parker and a woman named Alexandra Paressant.... Since the publication of these articles, [we] have discovered that Mr. Parker has never met with, or spoken to, Ms. Paressant, nor has he ever had sexual relations with her. [We] regret having been misled... and apologize to Mr. Parker for any damage or inconvenience this may have caused him or his wife."

Shortly after X17 ran with Paressant's original tale, the Parkers filed a lawsuit seeking $40 million in damages. - MWM

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