Adrian Grenier by Jeff Vespa/ Adrian Grenier by Jeff Vespa/

Stirring up so much confusion that the paps didn't know which way to shoot, Adrian Grenier joined them on Thursday to hunt down the likes of Eva Longoria, Mario Lopez and Brooke Shields.

Ostensibly on the prowl for footage for his alleged, upcoming Untitled Paparazzi Documentary, Grenier got on the other side of the camera to join the throngs of photogs in West Hollywood. The scene, from the looks of clips on ET, was comical, and Grenier got laughs from Longoria and Shields.

At one point, Grenier got serious with his temporary coworkers who were photographing him, saying, "You guys are distracting me. I'm trying to find celebrities." His doc, according to several databases, purports to "study the relationship between celebrities and the paparazzi and how they can't survive without each other."

Paparazzi of course need their subjects, but could the celebs survive, really? More to the point, could you? - Anna Dimond