I have to admit that late at night before I go to bed, I love watching reruns of That '70s Show makes me smile before I go to sleep. But tonight's season premiere just made me fall asleep. Was it the hourlong running time or the lack of adorkable Topher Grace? Not sure. They had me giggling at the outset when they killed off annoying not-Eric, rather Charlie, in a random water-tower incident. And the tape for Eric in Africa was an entertaining way to bring the viewers up to speed on what had happened after Red and Kitty discovered the teens' pot habit and Hyde caught Kelso and Jackie about to hook up. Loved Kitty getting stoned! And I'm sure if Eric ever does come home, he's going to be ticked off that his Millennium Falcon and GI Joes are gone, but by then he'd probably be more annoyed that the show has lost some of its audience. I for one zoned out after Hyde came home with a stripper for a wife, so I turned to... Freddie, which made me laugh out loud last week, but didn't really work so much this week. Not enough Brian Austin Green, though Freddie trying to convince a bisexual girl to reconsider him as a dating prospect was desperate yet mildly amusing. And it was more entertaining than the two minutes of Yes, Dear that I accidentally caught. All I saw was the two wives standing in the kitchen pouting and griping that they wanted another baby, and the men trying to convince them that they should get puppies instead because their life expectancies are shorter. That's so funny I forgot to laugh.  AC

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