I admit it. I'm superexcited for this entire season. We're about to get Tom Welling and James Marsters on the same show. Yeah, I know, I'm gushing. Sue me. But before you do, let's talk. Last season, I watched on and off, so I admit to some confusion with all things three stones, Lana's tattooed back and Jane Seymour. But that's behind me. I think this season, The Powers That Be really need to up the ante and become bigger and better, especially since the show is in a dreadful time slot. And here's just a few ways they're already going about it.

1) There's no better way to hook me than going all Superman 2. Seriously, the Kryptonian superhumans that came to Earth. Lionel Luthor uttering "The disciples of Zod must be stopped." Clark entering the Fortress of Solitude. Over the top, but I fell for it. Except for the way Kal-El got rid of the bad guys. Too easy and cheesy.
2) Clark now knows Chloe knows about his secret. Those scenes in the hospital were classic. But one thing: Why didn't Clark tell Chloe that his best friend, formerly known as Pete, knew his secret? I guess out of Smallville, out of mind.
3) Oh, Lana. Freaky city in this episode. I mean, scary! It's like she was possessed without really being possessed. Don't know how I feel about her and Clark's reunion. I'm going to have ponder that one for a week.
4) It seems my favorite couple on the show might be hitting a bit of turbulence. Those stares between Lex and Clark were icy. Fortress of Solitude icy. Where's the love, boys?
5) I saved the best for last, since it was appropriately the supercool last scene of the entire episode: James Marsters pouring from the spaceship that Lana stupidly told Lex about. Welcome to Smallville, Spikey! Can't wait to see what trouble you're gonna get into.