I have to admit that I'm pretty new to the Las Vegas scene, but the bright lights and Love Boat-style guest stars have me wanting more. This week former Idol contestant Tamyra Gray stopped by the Montecito for a little bit of karaoke goodness (and wore an itty-bitty waitress outfit). I was more excited about the main plot concerning a slightly shady card-counting ring that pretty much brought to life Bringing Down the House (the book about the MIT kids, not to be confused with the Steve Martin movie.) I totally loved that it was Danny's professor who was behind the whole thing nice twist. All in all, this lighthearted show has some good gambling scenes, nice eye candy for both guys and girls, and a pretty decent soundtrack, which is not bad for a Friday night in my house... which brings me to my other guilty pleasure, Instant Star. This Noggin series doesn't hit the depths of Degrassi, but it is still a lot of fun, with the teenage drama and the Idol-like gimmick that got everything started. Sure, Jude falls in and out of love like the weather... until she turns 21, and then my money's on her settling down with Tommy. But maybe until then Spiederman will continue to blow her mind with his backwards attempts at romance. Let's just hope she really doesn't become the Yoko of her own band. Angel Cohn

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