American Idol American Idol

Tuning into American Idol the other night, we felt like we'd stumbled across a musical remake Mean Girls. All the characters were there, but this time they were played by Idol mainstays and wannabes. Here's our take on who played who.

Cady: Taking over for Lindsay Lohan's sweet and pretty new kid in town was Megan Corkery, who asked the Regina (Rachel McAdams), Gretchen (Lacey Chabert) and Karen (Amanda Seyfried) of the competition if she could join their group. After much eye rolling and sighing, they agreed to let poor Megan have a shot. Maybe later they can tell Megan to meet them at the mall and just not show up.

Filling in for Janis, Cady's funky friend, was Rose Flack, who got stuck in a group with three partners who didn't get her, including Bikini Girl.

Who could fill in for Tina Fey's Ms. Sharon Norbury, the affable and slightly goofy teacher? On a normal night she would be Paula. But last night she was so short of praise that one contestant said she had evil in her eyes — as producers cut to a shot of Paula with glowing red eyes. Classic.

Playing Aaron, the heartthrob with a sensitive side, was widower Danny Gokey, who sang the heck out of "Kiss from a Rose" in his solo audition. Because of his talent and his back story, he'll surely be a fan favorite with the ladies, if he isn't already.

Filling in as Damien, the dramatic and sometimes bitchy friend, was Nathaniel Marshall, who huffed, puffed and cried all the way through his practice sessions for group day. But after his friend Nancy got booted, his softer, huggier side emerged. Aw.

All kidding aside, I'd rather watch the real Mean Girls than have it played out during Hollywood week. So, here's our question: Is the drama and nonsense of Hollywood week your favorite part of Idol? Or, do you want the producers to get back to basics by focusing on the singing ability of the Top 36?