Adam Brody Adam Brody

Adam Brody says his new animated series Good Vibes is the grungier version of his former hit show, The O.C.

"It has the rich side, but the very Venice Beach, graffiti side — and then with horny little surfers," he tells

Brody's Good Vibes character Woodie is the anti-Seth Cohen in personality — confident and thrill-seeking — but like the brotherly bond between Seth and Ryan on The O.C., Woodie befriends the new teen in town, Mondo (Josh Gad). The two become friends as Woodie shows Mondo the ropes around town while together they try to score girls (or even just a first kiss).  "They're really a team on a quest for love and they're moderately successful. They inch towards the goal line [by the end of the season]," Brody says.

On Thursday's episode, Mondo tries to catch a break in the romance department when he and Woodie get themselves invited to a sleepover with Wadska, the brother of Mondo's crush Jeena (voiced by Olivia Thirlby). (Watch their plan unfold in the video below.) Unfortunately, Brody says, the beyond-strange Wadska "makes it a pretty dangerous [occasion]." Brody adds that Wadska (voiced by Tony Hale) happens to be his favorite character of the bunch. "I love that he has chest hair already and is so sexually hungry, but ambiguous," Brody says.

Aside from Brody calling the project "kismet," he says he couldn't have been more thrilled to learn it would be paired with the revival of Beavis and Butt-head. "That's one of the things my seventh-grade self would just freak-out about," he says, adding: "And I don't take that lightly."

Good Vibes airs Thursdays at 10:30/9:30c on MTV.