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Top TV Actresses Reveal the Best Piece of Advice They've Received from Other Women

Shailene Woodley has a real simple -- and awesome -- answer

Tim Surette

Though women have been making strides in Hollywood, it's no secret that show business is still dominated by men. So it makes sense that women will often look to each other for support.

While on the red carpet of this year's Emmys, TV Guide asked several actresses from television what the best piece of career advice they've received from another woman was, and their answers were enlightening and empowering.

Elisabeth Moss, who won the Emmy for Outstanding Actress in a Drama for her role in Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale, told us, "To follow your instincts. If you know that something is good and you should do it, then do it and don't worry about anything else."

Samira Wiley, who was on hand as nominee for Outstanding Supporting Actress for The Handmaid's Tale, recalled an experience she had with an Emmy winner.

"I was working with Mariska Hargitay one time, and she was taking pictures with so many fans and I was so taken aback by it," Wiley told TV Guide. "She was giving of herself to so many people. I asked her about it and she said something like, 'They're the reason we do this.' And it really stuck with me to see someone giving so much of their selves to someone."

But we'll take the advice that Big Little Lies nominee Shailene Woodley got from an Oscar winner. "Do you, be you. Yeah. Absolutely, hands down," Woodley told us. "And that would be from Kate Winslet."

Additional reporting by Lindsay MacDonald