Although the big ramifications of the WGA strike ending is that we get back loads of superb TV, one glittery, glamorous side effect is that the Feb. 24 Oscarscast will now be star-studded and free of perhaps several-too-many (but alas not all) montages. will be here Oscar night, live-blogging the whole shebang, calling out both the memorable highlights and lowlights.

Also, check back here the whole week prior, as we'll be offering up a "cheat sheet" (so you can at least pretend you know what Atonement is about), a quiz, a peek inside the Governor's Ball and so much more.

Until then, enjoy all our Oscars site has to offer:
" A complete list of nominees
" Fab photo galleries
" Videos of nominees
" Maitland and Ken's picks to win

And, before you do another thing, go vote for your favorites to win!