ABC is placing its trust in Mark Burnett for another game show hit.

The network has ordered a pilot of the reality producer's latest project, Trust Me, I'm a Game Show Host, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Martha Stewart readies new reality series with Mark Burnett

The show will pit two hosts against each other as they discuss various topics in front of contestants. One host is telling the truth, while the other is lying, and contestants must figure out which one is honest. Casting is under way for the dueling hosts.Trust Me

comes two months after Fox pulled the producer's Our Little Genius before its premiere when Burnett told the network that "information was relayed" to the show's young contestants prior to production. The Federal Communications Commission launched an investigation in February to find out whether producers gave contestants answers to questions before taping.

FCC probes Fox's Our Little Genius

What do you think of Trust Me? Who would you cast as the hosts?