Looking back at some of ABC's more... hmmm... "creative" ideas for shows, you'll recall that the network featured a drama about time-traveling sexed-up versions of H.G. Wells and Jack the Ripper, a cross-dressing comedy and a series about hirsute insurance pitchmen that no one liked to begin with. Well, at least the next one from ABC sounds better than those.

ABC is partnering with Australian producer Hoodlum Entertainment (Secrets & Lies) for Harrow, a crime drama about a forensic pathologist (i.e. the weirdos who investigate cause of death) named Dr. James Harrow who is TV-level brilliant and unorthodox. But here's the catch: he's also... a murderer!

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The series, which is said to be "darkly funny" and "irreverent," will follow Harrow as he uses his expertise not just to help solve crimes, but to cover up his own. This is pure ABC, folks!

No cast has been announced, and no premiere date has been detailed, so put this one in the back of your mind for now.