Wipeout Wipeout

Can ABC Wipeout NBC's Super Bowl's ratings? They sure hope so.

The Alphabet plans to counterprogram the Peacock's broadcast of sports' Holy Grail event on Feb. 1 with a football-themed edition of their obstacle-course series Wipeout.

Hosted by John Anderson, Talk Soup's John Henson, Jill Wagner and special guest sideline reporter, former Dallas Cowboy and NFL Hall of Famer, Michael Irvin, Wipeout Superball Sunday will feature two separate installments of the show. ABC will air a halftime segment during — duh — halftime to lure non-Bruce Springsteen fans. Following the game and against a post-Bowl Office, ABC will broadcast an hour-long Wipeout, which will pit cheerleaders against couch potatoes.

Catering to the day's pigskin theme, Wipeout will assemble a new course, featuring football helmet-styled Big Balls and a 300-pound linebacker, along with new tasks, such as the 10 Yard Dash Log Roll, where quarterbacks pelt contestants with paint-soaked footballs from the sidelines.

What do you think of ABC's ambitious plan? What will you be watching? And do Big Balls have more appeal than the Boss?