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A Tribute to the Spikewagen, the Greatest Vehicle in Walking Dead History

It's no coincidence that Carol's car looks like something out of Mad Max

Liam Mathews

A lot happened in "East:" Maggie (Lauren Cohan) got a haircut, Morgan (Lennie James) wandered off into the countryside with a gun in search of Carol (Melissa McBride), and oh yeah, Daryl (Norman Reedus) maybe got murdered.

But all of that is way less important than the truly special thing this episode gave fans of The Walking Dead: Carol's spikemobile, the most badass vehicle to roll through the post-apocalyptic South since The Governor drove a tank into the prison back in Season 4.

There are a number of bayonet-outfitted cars outside of the gates of Alexandria, parked there as a line of defense against stray walkers, who get made into kebabs if they wander too close. We've seen them before, but we never gave them much thought, because we presumed they're all junk cars that were made into vehicular cacti because they don't run anymore. But we learned tonight that at least one of them does.

The Walking Dead: They didn't just kill Daryl, did they?

Carol's boyfriend Tobin (Jason Douglas) said that the day before she left, he put two new cars out there, and one of them's missing. Cut to Carol driving down the road in a mid-'90s Volkswagen Golf with seven iron spikes sticking out of the hood and another two more through the back windows. Carol uses one of those spikes to spear one of the attacking Saviors.


It's awesome. If you don't wishfully think of this metal porcupine you're stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, I question your commitment to The Walking Dead.


A lot of people noticed that this car looks like something out of Mad Max:

The similarity is no coincidence: The Walking Dead's production designer, Graham "Grace" Walker, also worked as the production designer on Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and as an art director on Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior. The man knows a thing or two about designing badass vehicles. Walker declined to be interviewed, so we won't know for now how exactly he conceptualized the Stabwagen and then got it to run.

So for now, let's just appreciate its majesty.