It's the calm after the tsunami on this week's 9-1-1. Now that Eddie's (Ryan Guzman) son has miraculously emerged from the storm mostly unscathed — physically, at least — Christopher (Gavin McHugh) may still have some gaping emotional wounds for his father to help him grapple with.

In this sneak peek at Monday's episode, Eddie hits the gym with Lena (guest star Ronda Rousey) and discusses what's going on with his boy, and she is not at all impressed by what his "head-shrinker" has to say. "'Keep loving him?' Did he write that on a prescription pad?" she sneers.

Instead of relying on such "touchy-feely" sentiments to help Christopher recover from what he experienced during the disaster, Lena encourages Eddie to take a more pragmatic approach: To help Christopher process his own trauma, Eddie should come clean with his own pain. "Everyone deals with trauma differently," Lena explains to him. "I don't know your kid, but I know what worked for me. It was when my mom told me what she was feeling. That she was sad. And that it was OK. However we felt, we were in it together, no matter what."

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Of course, Lena won't just be offering chummy counseling sessions at the gym in the episode ahead; she'll also be part of the rescue squad responsible for rappelling down a cliff to rescue a young family before their SUV plunges even further down the side of it. What would 9-1-1 be without another impossible rescue scenario such as this?!

9-1-1 airs Mondays at 8/7c on Fox.

Ronda Rousey, <em>9-1-1</em>Ronda Rousey, 9-1-1