Athena Grant (Angela Bassett) is going to have to take action on this week's 9-1-1 after her family experiences a traumatic traffic stop. This exclusive preview of Monday night's all-new episode shows how quickly the situation escalates after Michael (Rockmond Dunbar) is pulled over by a pair of officers.

In the clip, Michael is in the process of driving their children, May (Corinne Massiah) and Harry (Marcanthonee Jon Reis), home to Athena after a visit with his mother when he's stopped for expired tags. Michael is surprised when the officer treats him coldly, and things get worse from there. Before he knows it, the officer has pinned him to the hood of his vehicle, and, after May steps out to record the encounter with her phone, a second officer reacts even more aggressively and even points a gun at little Harry in the backseat.

Monday's episode, titled "Rage," will see Athena deal with the traumatic event. The episode will also feature the rescue of some protestors at a slaughterhouse; a woman who becomes trapped in a "rage room" with her husband's mistress; Eddie (Ryan Guzman) leaning on Lena (guest star Ronda Rousey) again as he grapples with his own anger issues; and some contention over Buck's (Oliver Stark) lawsuit against the city going to arbitration.

9-1-1 airs Mondays at 8/7c on Fox.

Angela Bassett, <em>9-1-1</em>Angela Bassett, 9-1-1