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After watching Tuesday's season premiere of 90210 (Tuesdays at 8 pm/ET, CW), we have a few more answers - and a few more questions, of course. - Mickey O'Connor

The question Who's Sammy's daddy?
What happened Kelly, on a late-night phone call, says, "He asks about you." In a later scene, she tells Brenda that Brandon called her at 3 a.m. from Belize.
What we think Let's assume for a minute that the "he" in question is Kelly's 4-year-old son, Sammy. Then let's assume that the person on the other end of the call is Sammy's father. Then let's assume that these two phone calls are one in same. Does that make Brandon the daddy? It would appear that way, but I doubt it's that simple. Also, it would be ludicrous to reveal this juicy nugget in the pilot episode. Besides, Brandon is a stand-up guy; he wouldn't shirk his fatherly duties. My money's still on Dylan; he's the one who always runs away.

The question Is Silver's blog for real?
What happened In one of the show's many nods to it being 2008 and not 1990, Silver uses rudimentary puppetry on her blog, The Vicious Circle, to trash her perceived enemies, including Annie and Naomi.
What we learned A stripped-down version of The Vicious Circle exists on the real-life World Wide Web! Its author (Jessica Stroup? The writers? Gossip Girl?) promises video entries in the future.
What we think It's kind of funny, funnier than the show maybe... it'll be interesting to see how it's utilized going forward.

The question Where the boys are?
What happened A bevy of too-skinny ladies sing, dance, laugh, cry, swoon, connive and self-medicate. The guys, in some sort of 1950s time warp, play a prank on their lacrosse rivals involving pigs. What's next - a panty raid? In my view, the guys played second fiddle.
What we learned There are plans to add new recurring male characters in the not-so-distant future. Plus, we hear that one of the regulars will soon be getting a very juicy storyline. You might say it's worthy of its own parade.
What we think This show needs a heartthrob, stat!

The question Does Harry have another kid floating around out there?
What happened Naomi's mother, Tracy, tells Harry that more than 20 years ago she had his son and gave it up for adoption.
What we think It's an interesting plot seed to sow (no pun intended) this soon in the game, particularly since Harry has become an adoptive father in the intervening years. But Tracy has crazy eyes, so I think she's either lying about the baby or its paternity. (Speaking of crazy, one fan posits that English teacher Ryan Matthews is their love child. Let me get out my abacus and check that math...)

The question Did 90210 intentionally replicate scenes from Beverly Hills, 90210?
What happened That opening scene in the driveway seemed directly lifted from the pilot of the original series. Ditto the sibling heart-to-hearts.
What we think The scenes were necessary to establish Annie and Dixon's bond, but it's not like the original was such a bastion of good scriptwriting. It deserved a freshening.

The question How old is Harry Wilson?
What happened Former neighbors Kelly Taylor and Harry reminisce about their youthful exploits, including Harry's "Flock of Seagulls" haircut. Photographic evidence of their friendship is produced, showing the pair back in the day. He has a 16-year-old daughter and, possibly, a 20-something-year-old-son who was given up for adoption (see above).
What we think If they were such pals, why wasn't Harry on the original series? Putting poetic license aside, it seems like Harry must be more than a few years older than Kelly, who we place at 33 using TV math.

The question Will the character of Hannah Zuckerman-Vasquez be recurring?
What happened Hannah is seen anchoring West Bev's morning newscast. Mr. Matthews cracks, "What is that girl, 30?" in a not-so-veiled reference to the actress who played her mother, Gabrielle Carteris, who was 29 when the original series premiered.
What we think It's early, but the show could use a little Andrea-style pluck among its clutch of slinky mannequins.

The question Who played Tabitha's buddy?
What happened A very familiar face is seen lounging on Tabitha's recovery bed after the car accident.
What we learned What in the name of Charlene Tilton? It's Sue Ellen (aka Dallas' Linda Gray)!
What we think Tabitha already had us at "twist them like a garbage bag," so we're dying to hear more about her Hollywood days (Ricardo Montalban sexploits notwithstanding), so we're hoping that Gray's cameo means that more drop-ins from the TV pantheon are forthcoming.

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