For an 8 pm show, do you think they could make a special disclaimer that says: "Warning: Maggots ahead"? I mean, the "viewer discretion" note is a little too vague for me. But 8 is my dinner time, and if it is just blood or something, I can handle that  but decomposing corpses are a little much for me to take while I'm munching on spaghetti. But honestly, the bugs and head falling out of a tree weren't nearly as bad as the seven-organ soup that Jack was eating. Eww. I've been reading Anthony Bourdain, and he recommends adventurous eating, but I still think I'd have to pass that one. Love the new hangout, and the cool, slightly psychic restaurateur who can deal with the squints "so long as they keep it down on the subject of rotten corpses and bodily fluids." As for the case itself, I've always thought there was something a little creepy about prep schools... I've watched way too many movies. But I didn't expect the whole sex-scandal aspect; that took me a little by surprise, but only because someone would get killed over a sex tape... and that the mom was in on it, too. I just still love that Bones and Booth are learning from each other as the season progresses. Too bad it is another whole month courtesy of the friendly MLB (don't mind me; I'm just bitter because my team stinks this year) before we get a new episode.