A rendering of the <EM>Architectural Digest</EM> green room for the 59th annual Primetime Emmys, airing Sept. 16 on Fox A rendering of the Architectural Digest green room for the 59th annual Primetime Emmys, airing Sept. 16 on Fox

A green room made out of high school bleachers? It may be hard to believe, but designer Timothy Corrigan swears it's true. "We literally had to scrape the bubble gum off the bottom of the bleachers before we could even start to work on it." As the 59th annual Primetime Emmys go "green," so does the area where stars can relax before going on stage, and it's Corrigan's job to make the most exclusive and luxurious area of the Shrine Auditorium eco-friendly.

This year the Architectural Digest green room takes the shape of an elegant old-world library using dark panel walls, big windows and antique furniture to give the illusion of 18th-century England. The green theme will start with the color of the walls and the decor, but what really makes the room "green" will be the measures taken to leave a small eco-footprint. All furniture is upholstered with 100 percent organic fabric, the tables are made out of recycled steel, and there isn't a paper napkin in sight.

With everything else being made from recycled material, does that mean the Emmy winners will go home with used statues, too? We doubt they'd mind. In fact, Melora Hardin from The Office has already put the word out there for a previously owned award: "Just so everyone knows, if there are any recycled Emmys that need takers, I'm happy to receive one."

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