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5 Reasons Netflix Is the Best Streaming Service to Have This Month (December 2022)

Netflix recently announced its cheapest plan yet

Tim Surette
Teyonah Parris, Jamie Foxx, and John Boyega, They Cloned Tyrone

Teyonah Parris, Jamie Foxx, and John Boyega, They Cloned Tyrone

Parrish Lewis/Netflix

You can't have a subscription to every single streaming service out there. You can't! Not only is it financially irresponsible; it's financially impossible! Luckily, all the streaming services — Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, Prime Video, etc. — are so desperate to get you to sign up that they have a very consumer-friendly guarantee embedded in their plans: no contracts. 

The smart thing to do is take advantage of this as often as you can and hop around from streaming service to streaming service each month to get the most for your money. Is HBO Max stuffed to the max this month? Then drop Hulu and sign up for HBO Max. Is Netflix nothin' but net for the next 30 days? Say bye to Prime and hit the 'Flix. It's easier than you think, and it will save you money. 

Since we look at what each streaming service offers each month, we thought we'd relay some of that wisdom on to you and let you know which is the best deal. This month, your best bang for your buck is going to be Netflix. Here are five reasons Netflix is the best streaming service to have in December. 

Daniel Craig, Glass Onion

Daniel Craig, Glass Onion

John Wilson/Netflix

Netflix has the most new releases by far

By our count, Netflix has 115 new movies, shows, specials, and more coming this month, and 87 of them are Netflix originals that you can't watch anywhere else. Yes, some of those are comedy specials from people you've never heard of and some are kids shows that will make you want to jump out of a tall building, but Netflix's game of quantity means that there will be something for everyone, even you. If you're sharing the account with someone else (family, an ex, the guy at the bodega down the street), then Netflix is going to be the crowd pleaser. This insane amount of new releases is pretty much the case with Netflix every month, but the volume is still staggering. You could watch three Netflix originals a day and barely get through everything. Here's everything coming to Netflix in December.

You missed Glass Onion in the theaters

Rian Johnson's Glass Onion, the sequel to the popular mystery movie Knives Out, hit theaters on Nov. 23, just before Thanksgiving. But you were too busy basting turkeys and sleeping in airports to see it. Now, after just a week, it's no longer in theaters. What gives? Netflix made a gamble: After spending more than $450 million dollars (!!!) to the rights to two Knives Out sequels, it decided to give the first sequel a one-week theatrical release in order to generate buzz and encourage more people to subscribe to Netflix when it hits the streaming service on Dec. 23, when it will be only available on Netflix. It might work. Reviews have been excellent, and now anyone who didn't see it in theaters has only one way to see it. And since the price of a month of Netflix is the same or less than a night out at the movies, it makes financial sense. Microwave your own popcorn and follow up the film with a binge of Grace and Frankie. Now you're saving money!

More on Netflix:

There are big new releases you're familiar with...

Emily is back in Paris for Emily in Paris Season 3 (Dec. 21). It's the show no one admits to watching, yet it's one of Netflix's most popular shows. Hmmm... Netflix is also premiering a new spin-off of its fantasy epic The Witcher. Titled The Witcher: Blood Origin (Dec. 25), the live-action prequel stars Everything Everywhere All at Once's Michelle Yeoh and traces the origins of the titular Witchers. And for those of you who like decades-long drama, Season 2 of Firefly Lane (Dec. 2), starring Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke as besties sorting out the ups and downs of life, premieres early in the month. It's a bonkers female friendship dramedy.

...And other new releases you should get to know

Squid Game was a worldwide phenomenon when it was released in 2021, but another Asian series about people playing games to save their lives came out a year before that, and if you ask me, it's even better than Squid Game. The Japanese series Alice in Borderland returns for Season 2 on Dec. 22, with more games and more deadly consequences. One of TV's best sports docuseries also comes back; Last Chance U: Basketball Season 2 (Dec. 13) will once again follow the East Los Angeles College Huskies and Coach John Mosley as he inspires his players to give it their best for their last chance at a basketball career, and hopefully a better life. On the movie side, the Scandinavian creature feature/disaster film Troll (Dec. 1) looks like a fun action flick, and Jamie Foxx stars in the sci-fi comedy They Cloned Tyrone (Dec. 30).

Netflix recently announced its cheapest plan ever

One of the knocks on Netflix is that it keeps raising its prices, and the most elite tier, which allows for 4K and HDR streaming, runs $20. Remember when it was just $12? In order to keep its shareholders happy, Netflix knows it has to grow, so in November, the streamer's cheapest plan ever went into effect in order to entice more subscribers. For just $7, you can get Netflix! The catch? It comes with ads (and it only streams at 720p). No one likes ads. But no one likes spending $20, either. The basic tier without ads costs $10, so it's up to you to decide whether the extra three bucks is worth it to skip commercials. Personally, I'd pay whatever it takes to avoid ads, but that's just me. If you're curious about what types of ads and how many ads there will be, GameSpot has a good roundup