Grizz Chapman Grizz Chapman

Grizz Chapman, half of Tracy Morgan's entourage on 30 Rock, is awaiting a kidney transplant, People reports.

The actor suffers from severe hypertension and has been undergoing dialysis treatments, but he needs to lose about 75 pounds to become an eligible candidate for the operation.

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"Whatever I can do for the longevity of my life, I'm going to do," Chapman says. "I'm afraid to get one because of all the unknown things. You can put a kidney in your body — and somewhere down the line your body might reject it. I'm not saying I don't want to go through with it but it's a little scary. It's a big decision."The 35-year-old Chapman, who will continue to act on 30 Rock

, was scheduled to appear on Tuesday's Dr. Oz with co-star Kevin Brown (Dot Com) to discuss his battle and bring awareness about the dangers of high pressure. He says he ignored his high blood pressure for years and did not see his doctor regularly.

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"Even though you don't feel anything you need to get an annual check-up," he says. "It doesn't matter if you feel fine because I felt fine."