Returns: Thursday, April 10, at 9 pm/ET (NBC) Number of new episodes: 5

Where we left off: Jack and C.C. (Edie Falco) agreed to call it quits, while Liz made a disastrous attempt to buy a co-op. What's next: The staff all hot and bothered during the climax of the network's saucy reality show, "MILF Island." Says exec producer Robert Carlock, "While bits and pieces of the finale are playing out in the background... Jack's trying to find out who badmouthed him in a newspaper interview, and everyone's turning on each other." Jacked up: Jack resumes his desperate mission to succeed GE prez Don Geiss, which means a return engagement for Will Arnett as Jack's deliciously flaky rival, Devin Banks. A snarky election-year plotline will find Jack attempting to recruit Tracy as the celebrity face of the Republican party. Lemon aid: Liz will see two ex-squeezes come back into her life, as Floyd ( Saturday Night Live's Jason Sudeikis) returns and Dean Winters' "Beeper King" Dennis worms his way back into the picture (this time as a highly unlikely local hero). Watch full episodes | Photos | More Returning Favorites coverage