Kim Raver by Mitchell Haaseth /NBC Photo Kim Raver by Mitchell Haaseth /NBC Photo
Kim Raver is four months pregnant, the actress reveals exclusively to TV Guide. "I'm so thrilled to be having a second child, I couldn't keep it secret," says the

24 star, who is due this fall, not long before the winter debut of her new NBC series

Lipstick Jungle. Raver and her husband, French filmmaker Manuel Boyer, recently relocated to New York with their four-year-old son, Luke, for Lipstick Jungle, which costars Brooke Shields and Lindsay Price as powerful women on the prowl in a Sex and the City-like drama. Raver, a Manhattan native who still has family there, says she's looking forward to the "built-in babysitting." With a new series and baby on the way, it looks like she'll need it. - Reporting by David Hochman For more on how Raver's pregnancy will affect NBC's new series Lipstick Jungle, pick up the May 28 issue of TV Guide on newsstands now.