24 should have jumped the shark by now. Every season there's been a plot twist that's just... well... irresistible bait.

Season 1 - Incredible, but Jack's wife Teri (may she rest in peace) gets amnesia. Season 2 - Not as incredible, and Jack's daughter Kim battles a mountain lion. Season 3 - Even worse as Tony and Michelle are newlyweds, Kim is now a computer genius working at CTU, Chloe finds a baby in the office, and Tony gets one in the neck. Season 4 - Still slipping as Jack robs a convenience store and, surprise, there's a mole in CTU again! As Jack took his David Banner-esque stroll at the end of this season, I was convinced that 24 was on the other side of the fin. Season 5 - It proved me wrong. Pivotal characters were bumped off in the pilot, President Logan and his wife were mesmerizing, and the show had a fantastic season. Jack was back, and I was never so glad to be wrong about a show. Now expectations are sky high as 24 returns with Emmys in hand. Jack needs a shave as the crazy plot twists begin and seconds slowly tick away. Ironically, I don't find myself asking if 24 has jumped the shark. I'm satisfied watching the mess unfold... because I know somehow, some way, Jack's gonna find a way to clean it up. And I don't care how preposterous it will be.