Brad Pitt, Stump, Hayden Panetierre Brad Pitt, Stump, Hayden Panetierre

Puppies, breasts, and Brad Pitt. If one of these things doesn't draw you into this week's Top Moments, we give up. As an added bonus, we promise not a single mention of politics or Valentine's Day. So get reading! And starting next week, send us your own suggestions at — we'll comb through them to look for a Reader Top Moment.

10. Best Reason to Keep Watching Heroes: A lot of people — us included — have been hard on Heroes lately, and while the new X-Men-copying volume started sluggishly, we're intrigued by the anonymous text message Claire receives this week from an unknown "Rebel," reminding Claire she's not resisting the government manhunt alone. Among all the running, shooting and dying, this little mystery gives Claire hope, and us a reason to tune back in next week. Here's hoping we don't have a "Worst Resolution to Heroes Cliff-hanger" next week.

9. Grisliest Close-Up: We get our best-ever look at Lost's Smoke Monster as it devours (or whatever it does) a member of Rousseau's crew, leaving behind only an arm. In an episode full of head trippy reveals, this is one that hit us at a gut level, and made us grateful we still have our guts intact. (Watch the full episode on our Online Video Guide.)

8. Least Enthusiastic Thank-You: MSNBC anchor Peter Alexander congratulates NAACP President Benjamin Jealous on the group's 100th anniversary and the president honoring "this country's ... colored people." Jealous chuckles incredulously and delivers the least enthusiastic "Thank you, Peter," possible. Yes, we know "colored people" is in the NAACP's title — but they named it 100 years ago. Alexander later apologizes.

7. Most Impressive Failure: With only an hour to find the First Gentleman, 24's Jack Bauer threatens to kill a rogue agent's family to make him talk, drags Agent Renee Walker into his 'whatever it takes' world of moral ambiguity, and brings down three of the four men holding the president's husband captive — only to have the fourth shoot the poor guy. Win some, lose some... big.

6. Best in Show Award: Score one for us old timers with hairy ears — 10-year-old Stump, a droopy-eyed Sussex spaniel, becomes the oldest winner in the history of the Westminster dog show. Oh, and he didn't train at all. Neither do we!

5. Best Team Effort: In a group sit-down with Larry King, US Airways Capt. Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger takes care to share credit for his heroic landing of Flight 1549 with co-pilot Jeffrey Skiles and the crew. As calm as they seem, all say they still have trouble sleeping.

4. Best Crossover: Bailey's conversation with a visiting Sam Bennett about smiling (and her pediatric fellowship) during the first hour of the Grey's Anatomy­-Private Practice stunt had us smiling too. The two strangers quickly establish a rapport that pays off in the Private Practice hour, when Bailey busts Sam's chops about being heartsick over his ex-wife while she treats his asthma. It turns out she's given him the wrong inhaler, but we find their connection a breath of fresh air.

3. Hottest Hot Rod: We all know Jay Leno is a classic car enthusiast, but did you know his Tonight Show replacement is as well? In anticipation of his move West, Conan O'Brien looks for someone to buy his 1992 Ford Taurus — and finds a buyer in Brad Pitt, who revs the engine and jets off. Vroom-vroom party starter!

2. Walk-the-Line Award: Joaquin Phoenix just wants to relax and zone out on the Late Show, but mean David Letterman insists on asking questions about his beard, hip-hop career, and the movie he's there to promote. When Letterman gently scolds Phoenix for chewing gum, the actor sticks it under the host's desk. We've seen Phoenix's rapping, and we have enough faith in humanity to assume it's a put-on. But if the Letterman appearance is just Phoenix playing crazy he's a better actor than we thought. (Watch and wince at our Online Video Guide.)

1. Breast-in-Show Award: Talk about topical — 30 Rock reverently references guest star Salma Hayek's formidable bosom on the very day it happens to be the subject of intense scrutiny because of Hayek's benevolent breast-feeding of another woman's child. "If I had those knockers, I'd be thanking God too," says Liz Lemon, whose own breast (and not even the good one, Liz complains) makes a cameo during her date with Jon Hamm's Dr. Baird.

What were your Top Moments of the week?