24"I'm not talking to a terrorist. You talk to him, find out what he wants." And there you have it, folks President Logan approaches affairs of state the same way most of us deal with telemarketers. How on earth Mike Novick has refrained from hauling off and smacking Logan square in the mouth, I'll never know. The sad truth is, though, that I'm starting to crave my Logan hatred in steady, ever-increasing intervals. Addiction is a harsh yet fickle mistress, and who am I to put up a fight? Something else I'm completely hooked on: waiting for Jack to get the upper hand on whichever unlucky soul happens to be responsible for holding him captive. Fortunately, the wait's never too long this time it's Curtis who gets the patented Bauer choke hold, followed by the obligatory "I'm sorry." Clearly, this dude needs his own section at Hallmark. "My apologies for knocking you unconscious; it was a matter of national security." Meanwhile Audrey, Chloe and Buchanan are up to their eyeballs in a particularly high-spirited game of keep-away with McGill, who appreciates that throw-the-ball-without-really-throwing-it game about as much as your dog does. Oh, and Yellow Tie? I take full responsibility for your untimely demise I jinxed you last week by referring to you as a worthy midlevel adversary. Totally my bad. But even with First Crazy's last-ditch (and awesome

) attempt to save the Russian presidential motorcade, I have to say that my favorite part of the entire episode is our brief encounter with McGill's junkie sister and her key-card-stealing boyfriend. There's something vaguely European about them I expect them to burst into a rousing chorus of "99 Luftballons" at any given moment. And what a magical part of the day that

will be.