Lip Sync Battle has been the surprise hit of the season, delivering highly shareable performances by big-name celebrities lip syncing along to everything from Janis Joplin to Taylor Swift. However, even more amazing than Anne Hathaway, who held nothing back for "Wrecking Ball," or John Krasinski, who strutted his stuff in a dress for "Proud Mary," has been one Lip Sync Battle star who rose high above the rest: Chrissy Teigen's face.

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Teigen, the show's color commentator, doesn't offer too much in actual commentary. But Teigen doesn't need to speak many words, because her face says it all. Teigen's face is one of the most elastic, expressive and mesmerizing faces to ever grace our screens. Sometimes, Teigen accompanies her expressions with flapping arms, gyrating hips or - when we're really lucky - props.

Check out the 19 times Chrissy Teigen's face stole the show:

1. That time she was so disgusted by her husband John Legend.

2. When she laughed like an evil villain.

3. Her epic game face.

4. That time she really committed to this hoedown dance.

5. When she just can't even right now.

6. That time she got super stoned.

7. When she couldn't keep up the happy front anymore and had to let her real feelings out.

8. Her "I'm in an invisible elevator" face.

9. When it all became just too much for her.

10. That time her tongue tried to escape her face, but she wouldn't let it.

11. When she got really excited about a few balloons.

12. Her "caught in the act" face.

13. When she somehow managed to stay so composed through all this.

14. That time she basically worked at Coyote Ugly.

15. Her epic Godzilla impression.

16. When her face realized how ridiculous this was, but her body couldn't stop dancing.

17. Her "Do I have a fever? Because this must be a hallucination" face.

18. That time she was too tired to commit to her own excitement.

19. When she was literally every emotion at once.