2016, amirite? A lot of stuff went down this year IRL and, most importantly, on TV. You know, like, Castle getting canceled after ABC Studios fired Stana Katic, Stranger Things becoming the summer's biggest thing, This Is Us overworking your tear ducts, The Walking Dead's insufferable cliffhanger, Rory Gilmore being the worst and Sarah Paulson being the best.

So many things happened that you surely don't remember them all. So let's take a trip down memory lane to look back at some of the things you probably forgot/blocked out of your brain for good reason.

1. The
Friends reunion that wasn't
Or "The One Where NBC Got Your Hopes Up." NBC Entertainment President Bob Greenblatt stoked your '90s nostalgia fire when he announced a Friends reunion with all six stars for James Burrows' tribute special in January. The caveat? He hadn't actually locked them all down at the time. Sure enough, the very next day, Matthew Perry's rep revealed that the actor wouldn't be able to participate in person because of his theater commitments in London (he ended up taping an intro). But maybe it worked out for the best since he has no memory of three years of the show.

David Schwimmer, <em>Feed the Beast</em>David Schwimmer, Feed the Beast

2. Feed the Beast existed

Few shows have had as quick a lifespan from conception to death than Feed the Beast. AMC ordered the show — based on a Danish series and starring David Schwimmer and Jim Sturgess as friends who open their own restaurant — in January, started production in February and premiered it in June. That fast-track only cooked up a huge turd and AMC canceled it in September. At least Ross will always have Juice this year.

3. Adele isn't perfect

Stars! They're just like us! OK, we've never performed on the Grammys before, but Adele wasn't immune to cruel twists of fate, when her highly anticipated performance was plagued by sound issues. Because the show must go on, she powered through it but her strained smile betrayed her grit. Days later, she revealed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that she ate her feelings at In-N-Out and cried "all day" the next day. Same.

Dilshad Vadsaria and Rob Kazinsky, <em>Second Chance</em>Dilshad Vadsaria and Rob Kazinsky, Second Chance

Second Chance existed
Fox's Frankenstein-inspired drama, previously known as The Frankenstein Code and Lookinglass, probably had more name changes than viewers at one point over its 11-episode run, which withered away on Fridays.

Stacey Dash was at the Oscars
You probably have "Who is Stacey Dash and why is she at the Oscars?" in your Google history. The Clueless star was at the center of the most bizarre Oscar moment in years, when she strutted out on stage after host Chris Rock introduced her as the "director of our new minority outreach program." "I cannot wait to help my people out. Happy Black History Month!" Dash said to a confused, stunned audience before walking off. The joke, as it were? Dash had called the #OscarsSoWhite controversy "lame," and believes Black History Month and BET should be eradicated because it's "segregation."

Ray Winstone, <em>Of Kings and Prophets</em>Ray Winstone, Of Kings and Prophets

Of Kings and Prophets existed
You're already setting yourself up for disaster when you say your show is a "non-dragon version of Game of Thrones" and will be "violent" and "sex-drenched" because the Old Testament is "one of the world's first soap operas." But maybe they should've been less concerned about ripping off Westeros and more focused on making a good show. ABC canceled this mess of biblical proportions after two episodes.

7. Kelly Ripa was a no-show after ABC blindsided her

A week's worth of daytime drama unfolded after news broke that Michael Strahan was leaving Live with Kelly and Michael for Good Morning America. Problem: Ripa was kept in the dark and was so pissed she took the rest of the week off, though she has since said the break was previously planned. ABC apologized for the insulting move, which Ripa accepted with tons of shade. "It started a much greater conversation about communication and consideration and, most importantly, respect in the workplace," she said upon her return.

8. Munchausen was the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills word of the season

Part 1 of the RHOBH reunion devolved into an argument over the veracity of Yolanda Hadid's Lyme disease, whether she really had Munchausen syndrome and — most crucially — which Lisa mentioned Munchausen first: Rinna or Vanderpump. We're still not sure.

Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr. and Ryan Seacrest, <em>American Idol</em>Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr. and Ryan Seacrest, American Idol

9. American Idol ended

Can you even name the winner?*

10. Chewbacca Mom was a thing

Candace Payne's Facebook video of herself merely laughing in a Chewbacca mask charmed the world and brought her all the way inside a car with James Corden and J.J. Abrams offering her Wookiee tips on The Late Late Show. She's still trying to extend her 15 minutes of fame.

Adrianne Palicki, <em>Agents of SHIELD</em>Adrianne Palicki, Agents of SHIELD

11. Marvel's Agents of SHIELD wrote out two characters for a spin-off that never happened

A year after passing on Marvel's Most Wanted, which would focus on Adrianne Palicki's Bobbi "Mockingbird" Morese and Nick Blood as Lance Hunter, ABC gave the spin-off another go — this time writing out their characters from SHIELD and casting Delroy Lindo as Dominic Fortune. But ABC passed on the project again and adding insult to injury, Palicki and Blood are out of a job this time. At this rate, they'll probably re-pilot it again next year, but Most Wanted = fetch: not gonna happen.

Bobby Cannavale and Olivia Wilde, <em>Vinyl</em>Bobby Cannavale and Olivia Wilde, Vinyl

12. Vinyl premiered, was renewed and then canceled
Martin Scorsese and Terence Winter's latest collaboration was supposed to be HBO's next great prestige drama. It had an all-star cast, got execs to pool $30 million into the pilot alone (the whole season cost $100 million) and convinced Mick Jagger to put his name on it. The result was a bloated, clichéd mess that no one watched. Viewership isn't the end-all, be-all for cable networks, but HBO renewed it days after the premiere in February mostly because they couldn't admit that it sucked and was a waste of money. They finally came to their senses/realized their reputation was at stake in June and axed it.

13. Britney Spears had to follow Beyonce at the VMAs
Britney was making her triumphant return to the VMA stage — nine years after her disastrous 2007 performance — and MTV cruelly scheduled her after Beyonce's showstopping 15-minute Lemonade medley. Listen, there's no right answer to who should/can follow Queen Bey, but it's rude to put a living legend in that spot.

*Trent Harmon