Eliza Taylor, Thomas McDonell Eliza Taylor, Thomas McDonell

How far would you go to save the one you love?

That's the question Clarke (Eliza Taylor) is faced with on The 100's midseason finale (Wednesday, 9/8c, CW) when she's forced to choose between doing what's best for her people and saving Finn's (Thomas McDonell) life. 

We caught up with Taylor to get the scoop on Clarke's big decision, why she's always on her best behavior and what's next for Clarke and Bellamy.

Clarke has always been someone who would do anything to protect her friends. But is it worth it to put the whole camp at risk to save Finn's life?
Eliza Taylor:
 No, logically that's probably not the best idea. But you know, Finn is Clarke's sort of love. So I think her immediate reaction is to protect him and keep him safe. She can't see turning him in as an option right now.

So what are her next moves?
 Her next moves to save him is to keep him away from not only the Grounder army that's waiting outside, but also from the Arkers who are turning against him. It becomes a very intense situation, so she's trying to hide him as best she can.

Will we see her finally forgive him?
 I think even towards the end of the last episode, she's forgiven him. Seeing how hard he's being on himself made her realize he didn't do anything out of cold blood. He did it because he was blinded by his love for Clarke and determination to find her.

How does Finn handle the situation?
 The thing about Finn is he hasn't forgiven himself, even though Clarke has and the rest of the group has. He thinks he deserves to be turned in. So it's not just about keeping him safe from them. It's about keeping him safe from himself as well.

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It was shocking to see how he turned so quickly and did those terrible things this season. Do you think Clarke and the others are in danger of possibly hitting their breaking point one day?
 Absolutely. I think that one thing we really do focus on this season is how far people will go to stay alive. And at what point do you become the bad guy? So I think that's definitely going to be explored with, not just him but with other characters.

Clarke and Abbie are both healers who are used to saving people's lives. Do you think that helps or hinders their abilities to lead their people and make these tough decisions in a time of war?
 I'd say that it definitely hinders her ability to make the hard decisions. But at the same time they are very good at staying calm in very scary situations. So I think that that is a positive. That's the upshot of that.

Their people are struggling to figure out what kind of society they'll be like on the ground. 
 I think it's going to be really interesting moving forward trying to establish the Grounder-Ark alliance. And I think there is a possibility of them each adopting each other's ways because the Ark has a lot to learn from the Grounders and the Grounders have a lot to learn from the Ark. I think if we can make that alliance happen they can probably thrive much better as a civilization.

Last week, Abbie took a risk and trusted Clarke. Will we continue to see them work as a team in the midseason finale?
 I think Abbie now has a much stronger faith in her daughter and is starting to see her as more of an adult, rather than a child. I think them teaming up is really going to be good for the Arkers. But you never know. They're definitely going to butt heads again at some point.

How will the events of the midseason finale change or affect Clarke going forward?
 I think that this midseason finale is definitely going to have a huge effect on Clarke, whether they can save Finn or not. And I think fans can expect a couple of really big twists in terms of events in the episode.

The show has no qualms about killing off main characters. Do you ever worry you're next?
 Oh, yeah. I just try to be as well behaved as possible. Buy everyone chocolates, make sure that I'm on my best behavior.

Clarke and Bellamy are such a fan-favorite pair. How is their relationship going to evolve over the course of the season?
 I think it's going to evolve much the same way that it has been evolving. They're a really good team and they work together so well. And they have the same views on how to survive. You'll see them working together to fight the enemy as they always have done.

Watch the exclusive sneak peek of the midseason finale below to find out exactly what the Grounders have in store for Finn.

The 100 midseason finale airs Wednesday at 9/8c on The CW.

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