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Woman on the Run Reviews

Elliott, an artist who accidentally witnesses a mob killing, fears retaliation and goes into hiding. His wife, Sheridan, shows little concern. Their marriage has been unhappy, so Elliott's absence seems like a blessing. Soon, however, Sheridan is confronted by the police, who desperately want to find her husband. Although initially reluctant to join the hunt, Sheridan finally agrees to help police inspector Keith find Elliott when she learns that her missing husband has a potentially life-threatening heart condition he is unaware of. Despite their marital difficulties, Sheridan comes to realize that she does love Elliott. O'Keefe, a reporter, offers Sheridan assistance. During their search O'Keefe becomes attracted to the woman, but it gradually dawns on her that the journalist is actually the killer Elliott is running from. O'Keefe senses her suspicions, and plans to kill both her and Elliott, but the police arrive in time and arrest the murderer. Tension takes some dramatic turns in this well-crafted film, which switches character relationships with frightening results. Each time Sheridan seems to find comfort and security, her character is forced into a change of loyalties by unexpected circumstances. Sheridan is strong in her part, heading a cast that infuses the twists of plot with believability and life. WOMAN ON THE RUN was shot on location in San Francisco, and the city is smartly utilized. Like the people and developments within the story, the streets that seem to offer Sheridan a haven from danger prove to be the very ground from which she must escape. Under director Foster's tight control, the various elements are interwoven to produce intelligent and always-fascinating entertainment. This movie was the subject of a brief legal controversy when two writers sued the production company, claiming a story of theirs had been plagiarized for this motion picture. An out-of-court settlement was finally reached, ending the troubles.