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Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? Reviews

A panic. Jayne's twin peaks triumph, for which she received a Tony, gets transferred from Hollywood lampoon to advertising satire. Tashlin produced, directed and wrote the screenplay, and in true Tashlin form, it feels like a like an outrageous, gaudy cartoon. The frantic Randall performance, Blondell's usual canny job and Hargitay, Mansfield's real life muscleman husband doing a turn as a TV Tarzan, all score. But it's Jayne's last word on Hollywood Blondes that will have you howling. Her best takes: Seclusion and Catherine the Great. And wait until you see who she really carries a torch for. Jayne's broad comedic talent was only properly utilized twice by Fox. Instead of basing her persona on Marilyn Monroe, her studio should have built her along the lines of a combo of Mae West and Jane Russell, and taken advantage of her unique brand of sexual anarchy. French critics enjoyed this picture immensely, and Jean-Luc Godard had it on his 10-best list. In a small role as one of the scrubwomen appears Minta Durfee, former silent-screen comedienne who worked with Charlie Chaplin, among others, and married Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle.