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What's Good for the Goose Reviews

Popular British comedian Wisdom, noted for his roles as the little man confronted with everyday problems, here arrives at mid-life crisis. On his way to a bankers' convention, staid bank manager Wisdom picks up pretty, young Geeson and Atkinson. Bored by the conference, and doubtlessly influenced by the after-hours carousing of the customarily upright conventioneers, he seeks to prolong the association with his young traveling companions. Wisdom exhausts himself dancing with Geeson at a discotheque and then brings her to his hotel room for some hanky-panky. Staving off his impending climacteric, he takes to youthful attire, running on the beach, and swimming in the altogether with the nubile naiad. Finally he sets the girl up in her own flat--where, when he returns one evening, he finds a wild party in progress, with the gold-digging girl in bed with someone her own age. Disappointed but undefeated, Wisdom reunites with his wife, Bazely, and attempts to interest her in engaging a in a similarly youthful romp. The two end up apologizing to one another for their mutual inadequancy. Geeson (younger sister of actress Judy Geeson) exhibits full frontal nudity in this, her first starring role. Motion picture merchandiser Golan--who, with his partner Yoram Globus, became a legend at making big bucks with low budgets with their Cannon Films company--made his British directorial bow with this film after a start in his native Israel.