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Wedding Bell Blues Reviews

A bittersweet shaggy-dog tale about three women with man trouble who decide to get their act together and take it on the road -- to Las Vegas. Micki (Julie Warner) has been dumped just about at the altar; boyfriend Jeff (Joe Urla) says she's not passionate enough. Aimless, stunningly beautiful Tanya (Paulina Porzikova) is pregnant, and longtime beau Tom (Richard Edson) is less than thrilled. And love 'em and leave 'em Jasmine (Ileanna Douglas) is tired of hearing her extended family offer prayers that she'll find a husband before it's too late. So the trio drives off to Vegas on a half-serious quest to wed anyone who'll stand still long enough, just so they can say they tied the knot before they turned 30. This is a chick flick, make no mistake, and the whole thing has an amateurish, on-the-fly quality that's occasionally awkward but more often endearing. The warm performances from the leads go a long way to pulling it all together, and despite its distinct sisters are doing it for themselves bent, strident man-bashing is not on the menu. A sweet, minor find, making a brief stop in theaters before going to video. It's a shame it won't be staying longer.