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Voodoo Island Reviews

A terrible film in which Karloff plays a scholarly type who likes to go about disproving supernatural occurrences with scientifice fact. He is called upon to investigate the possible island site for a large resort hotel; the island is rumored to be infested with zombies. Sure enough, after Karloff and company witness plants eating people and members of the expedition becoming zombies (for no apparent reason), the scientist's thoughts about supernatural phenonema are given a vast reworking. Had more effort been put into developing plot motivation and explaining some of the strange events, the picture could have fared a bit better. As is, it is better left unseen. A certain amount of fuss was made over the film's special effects flora, said by its creators to be oversized carbon copies of the real carnivorous things. Filmed on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, the picture was made in two versions to allow for the inclusion of some sexier scenes for European consumption.