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Trunk to Cairo Reviews

In a rare departure from his usual cowboy or war hero characterizations, Murphy plays an agent who's sent to a rendezvous in Cairo with Sanders, a German scientist. He gets involved with the man's daughter, Koch, and learns her father is working on a nuclear-powered moon rocket that has weapon capabilities. Murphy sneaks past Sanders' heavily guarded headquarters and destroys the rocket's blueprints. He encounters a radical Islamic group who want to destroy the rocket themselves, but won't trust anyone to do it. In order to escape a trap set for him, Murphy kidnaps Koch. The kidnaping also forces Sanders to leave Egypt. Upon their arrival in Rome, Murphy and Koch are captured by Egyptian forces. Murphy is put in a trunk and set on a plane for Cairo, but when Italian agents capture the Egyptians and try to rescue him, they discover Murphy has replaced himself with one of the guards. The supersleuth has boarded a plane where Koch is being held prisoner. After fighting with the pilot, Murphy takes the plane's controls. He returns Koch to her father and all ends happily for the characters, if not for the audience. This film's plot is so muddled, it's not even clear whether Murphy is an Israeli agent or is employed by some other country.