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Trancers Reviews

In the futuristic Angel City of 2247 AD, life is threatened by the evil hand of "The Whistler" (Michael Stefani). The beginnings of the Whistler's legion of "Trancers" can be traced back as far as Los Angeles in 1985, especially to the punk rockers whose minds were apparently pliable enough to be brainwashed, or "tranced," by the Whistler's ancestors. The future's technology allows Jack Deth (Tim Thomerson) to go back in time and enter the body of one of his ancestors, Philip Dethon. The Whistler also travels back in time and occupies the body of an LA police lieutenant. Directed by Charles Band, the son of Italian trash-master Albert Band and the head of Empire Pictures, TRANCERS is on the same subgutter, grade-school-mentality level as the rest of Empire's output.