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Trainspotting Reviews

Perhaps the most influential, certainly the most hotly debated, UK film of the '90s. Brought to you by the writer-producer-director team that made their debut with SHALLOW GRAVE, TRAINSPOTTING is a rambling chronicle of high times in low company -- DRUGSTORE COWBOY goes to Edinburgh. By turns cheeky, surreal, exhilarating and stomach-churning, it follows assorted days in the lives of mangy Mark Renton (Ewan McGregor) and the scabby crew of junkies, deadbeats, thieves, liars and nut jobs he calls friends. Renton may be a degenerate boil on society's backside, but he also makes a clever, witty screen hero. Though the film softens the edges of Irvine Welsh's book, it doesn't back off from its most controversial theme; these characters are not duped by evil drug pushers, but consciously choose drugs over the banality of... well, pretty much everything else. While getting the squalor and degradation of the junkie lifestyle down to the last grotesque detail, TRAINSPOTTING also captures the way drug addiction gives structure and purpose to aimless lives, and evokes the breathtaking rapture of a fix. All this and a happy ending, too.