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Too Late for Tears Reviews

This engrossing crime story opens in Los Angeles as Kennedy and wife Scott are driving their convertible to a party. The two are in the midst of a heated argument and accidentally go off the road. For safety's sake the auto's lights are blinked. Another car driving by interprets this as a prearranged signal and a bag is tossed from it into Kennedy's car. This mysterious bag contains $60,000, which Kennedy wants to hand over to the cops. Scott is insistent that they keep the loot. Her husband finally gives in and the money is hidden in a luggage stand at a local train station. Later Scott is visited at home by Duryea, a sleazy private detective who demands the money be handed over to him. Scott will not give up the cash so easily, however, and the two decide to split it. Scott realizes Kennedy would never agree to this, so rather than lose out on her share she kills her spouse. After hiding the claim check for the money in a drawer, Scott calls the police, reporting Kennedy as a missing person. She also tells Miller, Kennedy's sister, of the disappearance. Soon afterwards DeFore comes to visit Scott, claiming to be a friend of Kennedy's from their days together in the military. In reality, DeFore is the brother of Scott's first husband and is convinced Scott murdered her ex some time ago and wants to prove it for himself. DeFore finds Miller and tells her who he really is. Miller in turn is beginning to suspect Scott is behind her brother's departure. She shows DeFore the claim ticket she has found in Kennedy's drawer, a place he normally kept a gun. Scott catches on to Miller and decides to kill her, sending Duryea out for poison. He can't bring himself to do this and gets drunk first. Meanwhile, Scott learns who DeFore really is. She confronts DeFore and Miller with gun in hand, taking the claim ticket the two possess. Scott then goes to Duryea's motel room, where she hides out. Though the detective has fallen in love with her, Scott murders him with the very poison she sent him out for. The $60,000 now in hand, Scott flees to Mexico, pursued by DeFore and the police. Trying to escape, Scott slips from a balcony to her death below, money coming down like autumn leaves behind her. As the money-hungry woman without a conscience, Scott is terrific, seductive as Ulysses' sirens and just as destructive to the men she draws into her web. Duryea gives her good support, a weakling counterpart to an overpowering personality. Shot on location in the streets of Los Angeles, the film makes effective use of its setting, and the somewhat talky script develops its mood and themes quite nicely.