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Tin Cup Reviews

You can almost feel writer-director Ron Shelton praying for lightning to strike twice, but to no avail. This is no BULL DURHAM, a minor miracle of a baseball movie that charmed people who couldn't tell a fly ball from a foul and helped make Kevin Costner a bona fide star. Maybe the problem is golf itself, a terminally silly game. Or maybe it's the golfers: smug, soft Costner as childish deadbeat Roy "Tin Cup" McAvoy and aging pretty boy Don Johnson as professional smarm David Simms, who's mean to kids and old folks when he thinks no one's looking. They're such an oily pair of man-tanned sleazes, it's hard to imagine the awkwardly adorable Rene Russo trapped between them. She ought to just slide away. Shelton is steadily working his way through America's favorite sports, having already had his way with basketball ( WHITE MEN CAN'T JUMP and BLUE CHIPS), boxing ( THE GREAT WHITE HYPE) and baseball (BULL DURHAM and COBB). He might want to rethink this enterprise before he's reduced to setting romantic comedies against the world of dog racing or the roller derby.