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Timelock Reviews

This shameless rip-off of DEADLOCK (1991), a fairly entertaining action picture starring Rutger Hauer and Mimi Rogers, is tiresome, repellent hogwash with the texture of a WWF cable special set in an extreme-fighting cage in outer space. In the year 2251, minor crook Riley (Arye Gross) finds himself incarcerated with bad company after prison pilot Teegs (Maryam D'Abo) mistakenly delivers him to a maximum security penitentiary called Alpha 4. Located in a freezing galaxy and built atop an atomic reactor, Alpha 4 outfits its residents with a neck implant that blows up if prisoners venture beyond the prison perimeter. Unfortunately for scaredy-cat Ryan, a group of new arrivals led by Villum (Jeffrey Meek) overpowers the guards, initiates riots that produce high prisoner fatalities and free cryogenically frozen arch-criminal McMasters (Jeff Speakman). McMasters intends to extort a spaceship from Teegs's father, Admiral Teegs (Martin Kove), in exchange for not blowing up Alpha 4. Such an explosion could wreak nuclear havoc on nearby planets. Teegs and the chicken-hearted Riley blow up Villum and his goons, but must still escape McMaster's clutches. The film's production values are decent and its action sequences are staged with some brio, but it's a copy of a copy of a copy of dozens of similar lost-in-space adventures. It's also haphazardly structured and unfolds as though plot developments were an unnecessary interruption in the non-stop flow of property damage.