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Three Men on a Horse Reviews

A lively comedy which more than successfully makes the transition from Broadway stage play to the screen, thanks to the talents of director LeRoy and star McHugh. The film follows the exploits of McHugh, a writer of greeting cards, who is referred to throughout as "Oiwin," a bastardization of his real name, Erwin. It is soon discovered that McHugh has a remarkable talent for predicting the outcomes of horse races. Bettors Levene, Hart, and Kennedy are quite aware of the financial reward that McHugh's talents offer, and before long the thoroughbred prophet is abducted and forced to pick the winners. While he is holed up in a hotel room, his cranky boss, Kibbee, desperately tries to get him back to work before the Mother's Day greeting card crunch. Kibbee tries all he can, even raising McHugh's salary, but his release comes only after his captors break an unbreakable rule--bringing McHugh to the racetrack. To test McHugh's predictions, his captors force him to bet on his own tip, thereby rendering his talents useless. It's all a great deal of fun, albeit wholly unbelievable, but with McHugh's gift for farce and Blondell's role as a "Film Fun" cover girl, THREE MEN ON A HORSE is a pleasure. However, if it's horse racing scenes you're looking for, this film doesn't have much to offer. The publicity photo doesn't even include a real horse (nor does it include three men), but a wooden one on top of which sit McHugh, Blondell, and Hughes.