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This Man Is News Reviews

Very spiffy indeed. One of the earlier British attempts to duplicate the success of THE THIN MAN. Barnes, a reporter, is fired by editor Sim because Barnes neglected an assignment after receiving a tip on a supposed front-page story. But soon a man connected with the phony tip is dead and Barnes finds himself looking into the London underworld. Accompanying him is his wife, Hobson, a wise-cracking, smart lady who can solve crimes herself. Though Barnes and Hobson may not quite be another William Powell and Myrna Loy, they handle the assignment with humor and great style. The film is directed with energy and the dialogue helps carry the brisk pace along. This is the first screenwriting credit for Basil Dearden, who would go on to do many stories, both serious and topical, in association with noted British producer and art director Michael Relph. A sequel, THIS MAN IN PARIS, was made in 1939.