This Man Can't Die

Madison and Martell are adventurers who pose as gun runners to infiltrate an illegal operation. Madison's brother, Merrich, comes home to find his parents murdered and his sister, Neri, now mute after a brutal rape. Merrich and another sister, Bridou, find one of the intruders lying unconscious and hold him hostage, hoping he'll indentify his more

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Our favorite star-crossed Loch…
Oct 18, 2005 4:00 AM EDT
Our favorite star-crossed Loch Ness Monster hunters are back together this week, hot on the trail of the Big Bad Specimen A that Laura managed to tag last time. Seriously, if these two aren't MFEO (that's Made For Each Other) in their obsessive-compulsive Captain Ahab routine, I don't know who is. When Rich gets a load of Laura's shrine-o'-newspaper-clippings, he tells her, "I thought I'd gone overboard." Guess what, Surface cast? I'm instituting a dollar-a-pun rule — it's a crisp gr (more…) Read more