This Is My Life

Marking the directorial debut of popular writer Nora Ephron, THIS IS MY LIFE is a low-key, likable story of mother-daughter conflict. Dottie Ingels (Julie Kavner) is a single mother living in Queens who dreams of being a stand-up comedienne and tries out routines on customers at the Macy's makeup counter where she works. She gets her chance when her more

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Our favorite star-crossed Loch…
Oct 18, 2005 4:00 AM EDT
Our favorite star-crossed Loch Ness Monster hunters are back together this week, hot on the trail of the Big Bad Specimen A that Laura managed to tag last time. Seriously, if these two aren't MFEO (that's Made For Each Other) in their obsessive-compulsive Captain Ahab routine, I don't know who is. When Rich gets a load of Laura's shrine-o'-newspaper-clippings, he tells her, "I thought I'd gone overboard." Guess what, Surface cast? I'm instituting a dollar-a-pun rule — it's a crisp gr (more…) Read more