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The Wild and the Innocent Reviews

The monastic Murphy plays prodigal when crusty old fur-trapper Mitchell, injured by an angry bear, is forced to send his nephew into town to trade beaver pelts for supplies. Along the way Murphy passes the isolated cabin of Martin, who persuades Murphy to permit his tattered daughter, Dee, to travel with him. The innocents reach the wicked community, where they are befriended by town boss-cum-sheriff Roland, who appears to take an untoward interest in the spruced-up Dee. Naively, Murphy thanks ruffian Roland for finding Dee a job in the local "dance hall." Impressed by painted lady Dru, a "hostess" in the establishment, Murphy begins a romance with her. With the counsel of storekeeper Backus, the light soon dawns, and Murphy races to the rescue of Dee, preventing her despoliation. Unusually light on gunplay, this comic western wanders aimlessly. Murphy seems a little long in the tooth to be playing so juvenile a role.