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The Wedding Singer Reviews

Sweet, shamelessly sentimental and 100 percent cynicism-free, this conversation-heart-colored celebration of the joys of true romance doesn't have a mean bone in its body. Robbie Hart (Adam Sandler) is the wedding singer who gets stood up at his own nuptials; Julie (Drew Barrymore) is the true-blue waitress who's about to get married to Glenn (Matthew Glave), a Grade-A, gold-plated schmuck. Since Glenn's way too busy making millions in junk bonds and fooling around on the side to help plan his own wedding, Julia turns to the heartbroken Robbie for help. Who better than a wedding professional to help a girl get the best deal on flowers, photographers, bridesmaids' dresses and catering? Afflicted by the mysterious ailment that blinds all romantic-comedy heroines to the fact that Mr. Right is standing by her side, Julia fails to see that she and Robbie are made for one another until the last possible moment, giving him plenty of time to write self-pitying songs and stare longingly up at her bedroom window, unaware that the reason she looks so happy in her wedding dress is that she's looking into the mirror and saying, "Hi, I'm Mrs. Robbie Hart." Oh, and it's all set in 1985, the better to pad out the whisper-thin story line with gags about Miami Vice, DeLoreans, Dynasty, Rubik's cubes, Madonna wannabes and the greatest hits of New Wave pop, most of which hold up considerably better than the greatest hits of the disco era. Billy Idol stops by for a surprisingly funny cameo at the eleventh hour, and Barrymore and Sandler are sweet together: It's no stretch to believe everyone who keeps saying what an adorable couple they make. Yes, it's sappy. It's also silly, utterly unironic, a sketch stretched out to feature length, and, if you're in the right mood, pretty darned cute.