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The Skulls II Reviews

Reviewed By: Buzz McClain

Imagine Dawson's Creek with a devil worshipping cult, and you've got an idea of what The Skulls 2 is all about. Part gothic horror, part lame teens-in-trouble drama, the film never rises to the level of the original Skulls, which is saying something, because that movie was pretty laughable. The paranoid menace of an all-pervasive cult is never established, and the villains are scarier for their bluster than for any real danger they present. Robin Dunne somehow manages to take all the air out of the wheeziest of dialogue; he has an uncanny ability to not just blend in with his surroundings but to also vanish completely in a generic bath of teen angst. Ashley Lyn Cafagna makes the biggest impact, but that's largely because of the flimsy material her blouses are made of. Suspense? Never. Mystery? None. The biggest fright comes the cheapest way: When Ryan sneaks up on a sleeping Ali who says, "Boo!" and he nearly knocks over a wall. "A Skull above all others." Right. It would be nice to have something inside the skull, though.