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The Silencers Reviews

Buono is the big cheese of Big O, an organization that wants to sabatoge the American atomic missile system. It's up to secret agent Martin to save the day, so pray he's stayed away from the vodka martinis. This silly, sexist nonsense was the first and probably best of Martin's four Matt Helm films, though that's not saying much. Filled with explosions, Martin-style sex jokes, and some good action sequences, THE SILENCERS was Columbia's attempt to cash in on the James Bond craze. However, Martin's Matt Helm has none of the style or wit of Ian Fleming's legendary character. The results are painfully obvious. Charisse, who deserved a better fate than this, at least got to sing the title song. Unfortunately, there were three sequels: MURDERER'S ROW(1966), THE AMBUSHERS (1967), and THE WRECKING CREW (1968).