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The Siege at Red River Reviews

It is close to the end of the Civil War, and Johnson and his partner Stone are Confederate officers who smuggle guns in a medicine show wagon. On the way back to camp they run across Dru, a Yankee nurse whose wagon has broken down. They offer her a lift and are confronted by Boone, who steals the guns and sells them to Shawnee Indians who plan to attack a Union fort. Morrow, a Pinkerton detective, and Hill arrest Johnson, who then helps them retrieve the guns. Morrow and Hill decide to let Johnson go because he has helped them, and besides the war is nearly over. Johnson heads south but promises Dru he will return for her. Though the story is routine, this is a fairly good programmer western, punched up with some exciting direction. The color photography is used to good effect, especially at the climax, and interesting camera angles are employed. The ending here is almost lifted directly from the 1944 film BUFFALO BILL, but works as an exciting finish anyway. Johnson and Stone provide funny moments in their rendition of "Tapioka."